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What LCMTBTeam is...


LCHS MTB Presentation Slides 2022-23

LCHS MTB Video 2022



Nurturing the next generation of cyclists in a supportive, and fun environment​ while improving fitness, strengthening the mind, developing character and building camaraderie.


Through riding and competition, we aim to promote individual growth, fellowship within the team, and rapport within the biking community. We aspire to create a lifelong love of mountain biking and a healthy, active lifestyle. 



Who We Are​


La Canada Mountain Bike Team is comprised of 6th - 12th grade boys and girls who train and compete under the National Interscholastic Cycling Association governing body.


Team Director: Hamid Namazie

Head Coach: Bill Barker

Season Timing


We start in mid October with the very basics, and progress steadily through late May​.  Races begin late Feb/March.


To join or for more information, contact us:




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