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RIDING is what we do!!! 

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Bike Park - Handling Skills

SkyPark is a fun bike park located in the San Bernardino National Forest near Lake Arrowhead.  They are offering a special year-long pass for NICA members of $99.  This is a great way to have fun on your bike while improving your technical skills. Team members rave about it and we are sure you can find willing attendees.


Rim Nordic X-C

Race Series

This is a race series that takes place on Sundays at the Rim Nordic XC ski area in the San Bernardino National Forest. Rim Nordic is located 5 miles east of Running Springs on Highway 18 but before Big Bear. There is one race per month remaining, July 14, August 11 and September 8. The Rim Nordic area is at 6775 feet and there is LOTS of singletrack on the course, so these events will be fun and challenging. 



Over The Hump

Race Series

Over The Hump is a race series that takes place on Tuesdays at Irvine Lake in Orange County.  Upcoming dates are 6.4, 6.11, 7.23, 7.30, 8.6, 8.13, 8.20, 8.27. We have not raced this event, but they run throughout the summer.



*These off-season rides/events/venues are not affiliated with NICA or the SoCal League, are not covered by NICA insurance and these are not organized team activities. Participation is solely at your own discretion.

^Click on the pictures to link directly to the websites of each event/venue for more details



How fast are you???

Target Time: 5:00

Target Time: 4:00

Target Time: 5:00



Dane Grey VICTORY interview!!!

DG for the WIN!!!


DG Keysville 1

DG Air Force Hill


DG Keysville 2

PK Vail SEND!!!


Water Crossing

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